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Our first committment:

building an international community of Insplorers

We’ll never sell your data

Your ideals, your ideas, your own experiences are precious to our community and to us: we’ll keep them safe for respect of you and of the value of what we’re sharing all together.

That’s why that can’t be a business to us.

Our business model is completely clear: you’ll be able to buy for digital experiences, or for real travels, or for other products.

But any time you’ll know how you’ll relate with us.  (DETTO MALE)

As it has to be.

Your personal ideas are yours, shared with the other Insplorers in the measure you’ll decide it.

As in the past was being part of a community. 

Clearly.  With your control, your privacy, your decision about what to share and who with doing it, without any ‘side effect’. 

Your ideas, your exploration, your freedom: just you are yours.

As it has to be.

Your ideals, your ideas, the thoughts you share are precious to our community and to us:

we respect them and we’ll keep them safe.


The control is yours: you choose what to write and where to explore, without any ‘side effect’. 


That’s why personal data are not our business.

Our way to sustain this worldwide community, focusing on the best possible experience for members, will be to ask a small fee to enjoy our digital experiences (and, in the future, real travels and other cultural products).

You’ll always know how you're relating to us, and how your data are treated. Clearly.

As it has to be.

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