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Animals in the Renaissance

Animals have always had an allegorical value in art.

Apart from an excursus in 1200 with Giotto, who represented them in his natural environment, in the Renaissance they return to have an allegorical value, but no longer religious as in the Middle Ages, but secular. In this period, equestrian monuments are very frequent, a symbol of power, or dogs in noble portraits, which symbolized loyalty. However, art is full of many animals. Just think of the works of Leonardo, who spent his days observing them and reproducing them faithfully, creating what today is the modern zoological illustration.

And why not immerse yourself in that time period, discovering the illustrious people who populated it? Explore our Renaissance Gallery and be inspired by the extraordinary stories of brilliant men who revolutionized art and the way of seeing it.

Their echoes reach up to the present day and it still seems like we are able to hear their speeches or to see them walking along the street, still unaware of the fact that even today we would have admired their works.

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