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Art and Travel

Travel is one of the many themes dealt with in art. Whether they are imaginary worlds or exotic places, a painting is able to make us travel with the imagination. Around everything stops and we are there, admiring those brushstrokes to wander in other lands. Paul Gaugin knew it well, and with his colors he represented the landscapes and people, especially women, of Haiti, the place where he lived for a long time before moving to Polynesia. With his paintings he gave us a different vision of the world, a new and foreign point of view for Europeans.

But not just paintings. Let's think for example of Marco Polo's "Il Milione", which in addition to having become a useful tool at the time for cartography and history, is still today a milestone in travel literature.

And why not immerse yourself in his words, exploring the places he went through on his long journey along the Silk Road?

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