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Baltic Sea - Narva, Castle of Hermann

The words of a King accompany you to discover this castle, in the city of Narva.

We are in the 14th century and the Danes feel threatened by the other kingdoms that populate the Baltic Sea. If anyone had come from the Narva River to take the city, the population would have been defeated. So here's the enlightenment: build a massive castle to avoid being conquered. Try to see these men in front of you, busy day and night, stone by stone, on the construction of this fortress. Frightened but willing to get away with it, they work tirelessly, breathlessly on their necks. When, in the end, they succeed and their work is still there, after hundreds of years. At first it was a small defensive castle, but over the years it would soon become a refuge during times of war. But let their King tell you that story and be inspired by his words and those of other greats of the past who lived in those areas.

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