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Baroque Music an Antonio Vivaldi

Baroque music is a riot of notes like never before. The characteristic elements of this type of music are the sudden changes of rhythm, passages of great vocal and musical visrtuosity, the use of counterpoint and fugue, and a marked gift for improvisation.

These elements aimed to amaze and amuse the audience, who did not expect to hear such lively music that it seemed to be painting itself in their ears. It was born in Italy, thanks to Monteverdi, and spread like wildfire, building a real musical heritage unique of its kind.

One of the most importat baroque composer was Antonio Vivaldi.

Vivaldi was not considered a good composer by his contemporaries.

Sad but true, his fame was more due to his excellent ability to play the violin, but no particular attention was given to his musical work.

Carlo Goldoni, after Vivaldi put to music the small collection, La Griselda by Apostolo Zeno revised by the playwright, and considered him "an excellent violin player and a mediocre composer".

Many were the critics targeted towards Vivaldi, but he did not give up and continued to compose music, to be multifaceted, deserving his revolutionary fame of today.

Let yourself be inspired by Vivaldi's Virtual Tour.

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