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Biographicals' Tours

If the people we meet every day teach us something about ourselves, imagine yourself entering the lives of the greatest figures of the past. Walking in the Florence of Lorenzo De'Medici, retracing the streets of Malcolm X, where his thought developed, or creating wonderful works together with Dalì and Frida Kahlo. Each character has something to teach us and we can only welcome him and let his voice lull our minds and transport us to those times.

And then we can feel them close, tell us about the time they flew over the skies of Patagonia, or created one of the greatest musical compositions of all time. All while they lead us along their places, where they walked, breathed, lived.

How can you not be amazed in front of these Great Insplorers, their souls that still echoes in our buildings, in the streets we walk every day. Be inspired by the stories of the most important characters in our history and set out on a journey to discover their lives.

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