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Bob Marley, an icon of peace

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Bob Marley, the "first star of the third world", did not become one by inventing reggae but by becoming the vector of its deepest meaning and by setting it up as an anthem of a fraternal and peaceful spirituality.

"The music transported me to a place of inner peace and joy, and I wanted to make sure that I passed on that music.

At Bunny's house, as I mentioned, we could listen to Rhythm and Blues on an old radio set. I loved that music and the music of groups like the Impressions, the timeless Ray Charles and even Elvis Presley! I was slowly shaping the mix of musical cultures that would win me over and that I would share with anyone who would listen.

For me and the other outcasts, music was a way to escape the cruel realities of ghetto life.

Unlike how most of the world would have known me, I was a political activist and only then a musician, always guided by my deepest faith. I had chosen music as a means to make my thoughts of peace known to mankind.

In our spare time, we played with Joe Higgs, who was famous in our part of the world both as a musician and for his religious devotion. He was my mentor and I remember him fondly. In '61, at the age of sixteen, I had recorded my first two singles, Judge Not and One Cup of Coffee. My first records weren't very successful and I left my first producer very early; I had to make myself known and start spreading peace as soon as possible."

Representing the hopes of a whole Jamaican people and spokesman for the Rastafari religion, Bob Marley did not only convey an enchanting music, but also a message of peace, advocating the unity of the world, freedom, love but also the courage to fight against injustice and misery.

By Giovanni, author of the tour "Bob Marley.Stand up, my friend."

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