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Cleopatra – A noble heritage

What does Cleopatra remind you of? Seduction, snake venom and exotic places.

But we enter her life, in the very first moments of her childhood. We can see little Cleopatra studying together with her teacher, Filostrato. He is really impressed, given that the girl has a strong propensity for studying. Because Cleopatra, before being a seductress, she was a royal, of Ptolemaic lineage, and she had access to innumerable fields of knowledge. And she wanted to find them all. We can almost see her, she intented on finding every notion, every secret of knowledge. Among the books of the Library of Alexandria she echoes her voice, intent on practicing philosophy, rhetoric and oratory. But not only that, medicine, pharmacology, physics and geometry will also be part of her cultural baggage, and she will always be proud of this. Thus, she was not only a skilled seductress, but a resourceful and highly cultured woman who was able to make her intelligence her workhorse. She begins right here, to get to know Cleopatra better. Let yourself be guided by her words and discover the places that have accompanied her life.

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