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Dali a paradoxical artist

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

In fact there is not one but at least two Dali. The first one, the most glorious one still today in the eyes of the history of art, is the one who will be known for his paintings at the same time meticulous and fantastic. The second Dali was born in 1939 in New York...

"When you look at my work, it is as if you were still in a comfort zone. Those colours didn't convey precise feelings, but it was as if those paintings were a kind of purification; the colours were alive, bright, there was light, so much light... It was as if the canvas was my own psychologist.

It is not you who looks, but the canvas does!

What made each of my paintings "perceptually mine" and no one else's was the environment, which is always alien in the deepest sense of the word! That alien area of me where the feeling of inner upheaval emerged.

In the 1930s I was expelled from Bretòn's surrealist group because, when talking about war, politics, communism and fascism, I expressed pro-Franco positions that were diametrically opposed to those of the rest of the group...

There was nothing to be done! I was so scandalous and provocative that even those who had become my "art friends" began to distance themselves from me! I continued to paint non-stop until, in the year the war broke out, I went to the United States, where I would find political asylum and artistic freedom. In 1939, the New York's World Fair was held in Flushing Meadows Park. Here I made my debut, in the Surrealist pavilion, with another of my works: The Dream of Venus."

His first known commitments situate him on the left. This son of a Catalan freethinker was even expelled from his art school, in 1923, for having organized a demonstration. At that time, his ideological affinities with García Lorca and Buñuel, both committed artists, were not in doubt. Finally, his participation in the Surrealist group made him, potentially, a defender of the revolution. On paper, things are simple. In reality, his convictions are more complex...

By Stefano, author of the tour "Dali. Life is magic"

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