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Follow your dreams - Find Your Motivation

Dreams are insidious, tremendously beautiful creatures that may seem unapproachable. And it's true, for many dreams are just fantasies, which will probably never come true. Denzel Washington, in this speech, says this sentence: - To get something you never had, you had to do something you never did.-

The unknown can be scary, it's true, and jumping into something new isn't always easy. But his words are a source of inspiration, which can give us the strength to do that thing we have always wanted to do. Talk about the importance of setting goals, otherwise dreams will forever remain just dreams. The beasts that seem indomitable but, in reality, it is enough to know how to tame. Step by step, without getting discouraged even if you fall. Because, as he always says in his speech: If you don't fail, you are not even trying. Life is a dream, and we must be inspired by it to create great things. Federico Fellini knows this well, who has fought to revolutionize Italian cinema, bringing the theme of the dream into each of his films.

The places in his films are still crossed by the vital flow of the people who acted in them, becoming inspiration. May Fellini's words motivate you not to give up and to pursue your dreams. Explore, research, learn, and life will open all doors for you. Discover Federico Fellini.

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