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Giving Inspiration - The words of the Great Musicians

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions that is asked of an artist is, perhaps, that which concerns their inspiration. Each of it has its own personal source of inspiration, whether it is a particular place or anything else that can stimulate creativity. In this series of interviews with great musicians like Brian May or David Bowie, they are asked to give advice to people who want to go their own way. A road that is certainly not level and with many difficulties.

So not only their sources of inspiration, but also be an inspiration to people. What transpires from their words is the will to help those who want to make music their job. David Bowie, for example, talks about the importance of not indulging audiences or fans when creating a new song. Above all, the artist must like it, otherwise, according to his words, a work that is not up to par is produced. Basically, don't please others at the expense of yourself, and this concept can be a source of inspiration for everyday life as well. To help others and be a source of inspiration for them, one must first of all be in harmony with oneself and not forget to also do what makes us happy. Many other musicians follow one another and each one gives a different vision of music and, for this reason, it is a source of inspiration for those who listen to it, regardless of whether you want to be musicians or otherwise. In art, as in life, it is important to listen to the words of those who came before us, because they can give us new perspectives and new ideas, and be a precious source of inspiration for us.

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