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Greece, The cradle of western civilization

The Goddess Athena, symbol of wisdom, art and strategy, is one of the most important deities of Ancient Greece. Stories of her have been woven about her figure, and many of her have since unraveled thanks to her. Even in mere mortals, who could not leave her without a temple in her honor. Thus was born, precisely in Athens, the Parthenon, this perfect and majestic structure, as it is.

The columns, the statues, still seem pregnant with the voices of those who lived that place, walked on her floors. If we listen carefully, we can hear them echoing in stone, distant echoes of our ancestors, of that civilization so far away but which despite this still influences who we are today. But what exactly would the people who saw the Parthenon grow, develop, until its realization would say? The buzz of the people, who attended the work in progress with their eyes up, amazed. Listen to the words of those who built it, as if they were there next to you, explaining how much care was in her hands while designing that very important building.

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