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Inspiration for directors - Behind the camera

What makes a man want to bring a story to the big screen? And how does this process happen? In this video, which uses some words taken from various films to try to explain the creative process of the directors, we find there is a beautiful blend of film clips and words from the creator.

There are films that have talked about inspiration, and an interesting point is that of writing a film. A director can decide to write the screenplay himself and, then, what can be inspired by? The words of those characters come almost like an oracle, and perhaps say something obvious, but very true: Write about yourself. Sometimes the best stories, the best sensations, come right from our soul, from our life. All stories, if you think about it, hide the sides of the artist who conceived them. And this is the same for directors. Particular shots, ways of expression of the actors, how a scene is constructed. Everything goes back to life, to what we go through every day and to the experiences we made to get there, in that precise creative moment. If today we have films of the caliber of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, 2001 A Space Odyssey or, why not, even animated films, we owe it to the directors who have poured part of themselves into every shot, dialogue, scene. And we can only be grateful to them for this seventh art which is now an integral part of our lives.

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