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Inspiration in Ancient Greece

The term "inspiration" has ancient origins.

Let's move to Ancient Greece and observe how it was seen and interpreted. The term indicates precisely "to breathe on" and the first discussions were made by Ovid and Exodus.

The breath was that of God, in fact it was common to believe that the artist fell into ecstasy, an emotional state that meant being in contact with the thought of God.

Hence, a kind of divine enlightenment, without which he was unable to create.

Even today it is not clear where the inspiration comes from, and it seems to be a mixture of creative genius and mental predisposition.

The figure of the inspiring Muse is widely diffused in the artistic field.

The Muses were 9 beautiful sisters, born from the union of Zeus with Mnemosine (the representation of memory) and were led by the God Apollo. Their importance in Ancient Greece was high, as they represented the supreme ideal of the Art.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that they are figures revered by artists of all sorts and it is said that each of them had an inspiring muse, usually a woman who inspired him during the creation of a work.

Could Homer be inspired by one of them to create his Odyssey?

Discover Ulysses' journey through the stages that characterized his wanderings.

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