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Inspiration is like a storm

When I start to write I am always taken back by moments of emptiness and moments of great inspiration, in which I would write without stopping for hours.

For me, inspiration is like a storm. The lightning comes suddenly and hits you with its power, almost arousing fear. At the moment you are speechless but then you hear the roar, the echo of his coming, and it is in that moment that you reason, reflect and create. It is during storms that the best ideas come out.

Emotional storms, where words get confused, evolve, cancel each other out. The mind changes, like the sky, and then we see all the destructive force that inspiration can bring. Ideas are discarded, sheets are filled up with words, until your hands hurt and no longer be able to hold a pen in your hand. And then, suddenly, everything is silent.

The sun returns to make its way through the clouds, the wind stops and the lightnings are long gone. And then you stop, you relax, you enjoy the sensations that that storm has left you, wrapped in the wind that slowly fades.

And then, and only then, I put myself in front of the keyboard and start typing, sure of my ideas and strengthened by what the inspiration left me inside.

From Sofia, emerging author.

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