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Inspiration of a trip

When do you get the inspiration to go on a trip? To leave for distant lands and explore, live new experiences?

I feel like doing it when the monotony of life starts taking over, when I don't remember what I ate for breakfast because I don't care. And then there, a light bulb lights up and I have to leave, go far. So I read, I inform myself, I plan and I am a river full of projects that I want to do as quickly as possible.

South America or Deep North? East or West? When I am in that state I look like a river in flood, and I can never make up my mind. I remember reading a sentence once, as I scrolled through the various travel portals and it struck me a lot. It is by Ryszard Kapuscinski, who was a Polish journalist and essayist. - A journey does not begin when we leave, nor does it end when we reach the goal. Reality begins much earlier and never ends, as the tape of memories continues to run through it even after we stop. It's the travel virus, a substantially incurable disease -

Never was truer thing said. I feel just like that, in the grip of an incurbile fever that doesn't want to leave, that lives and proliferates from travel to travel. I still don't know what my next destination will be, but this desire again, for the unknown, will never take it away from me.

By Riccardo, user of the Society of Insplorers

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