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Inspiration of the music

We are always amazed at the way music can inspire people. How many important moments in life are associated with a song, a melody?

One song can inspire strength, another sadness, yet another an irrepressible frenzy. Music changes our mood, and inspires us to look inside ourselves, to stay in touch with our deepest selves. And, not for nothing, it is the background of many artists who love to create their works to the rhythm of music.

It is said that even Leonardo, Tintoretto and Giorgione used music to create their works, and there are even some great works inspired by music. Kandinsky himself painted his Impression III, Concerto inspired by a concert he attended on February 2, 1911 by the Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg. Music, for him, was very important, and played a fundamental role in his painting. In fact, most of his works contain words such as impression, composition, improvisation and so on in the title.

A true example of how a melody can be a key element for the creative mind, not only of painters, but of all artists in general. What do you think about it? Join our community, we are curious to read your impressions. The Insplorers team

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