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ISTANBUL, Between Cross and Crescent Moon

Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul. Many names but one heart, which beats vigorously and strongly. Seats of emperors, especially the most famous, the Emperor Constantine, who decided to give the city his name. We can see him strolling through those streets, while he decides to expand the racecourse and give it the shape of a U. Through his eyes we see the games that took place inside, while he is comfortable in his grandstand, which is not alone entertainment venue. Here important decisions are made, which will decide the fate of the city and the Empire. Constantine, one of the greatest Roman emperors, still echoes among the walls, the streets, bringing his greatness to the world. But let's listen to his words as he strolls through Sultanahmet Square:

"The Kathisma, that is the imperial tribune in which I sat with my family, was located to the east, while, to the north, there were the stands for spectators. To the south there was a curve called Sphendone. But the racecourse. it wasn't just the sports center of the empire. Some of the most important ceremonies were also held here and many of the major political decisions were made right here"

Let yourself be enchanted by Istanbul and the stories that the Great Insplorers have to tell about its origins and its most famous places, starting right here. Go to story 1

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