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Joan of Arc Maid of Orléans: Become the Impossible

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Imagine that Joan of Arc, Maid of Orléans, could speak for herself today.

How would she tell us her own story? How would she recall, for instance, her major victory in Orléans and what happened next? How would the voice of the most famous maid of history sound like, which words would she choose to describe the moments of her higher glory?

Can you imagine it? Well, we could. Get your coffee or tea, sit in your most comfortable armchair. But, above all, open your mind. And let Joan inspire you with her incredible story.

"The English left first Orléans and then Reims and Jergeau in our hands.

I could see the English besieging around Patay. One day, lurking behind some trees with my men, I was amazed to see the British soldiers running in an open field after a deer. They had mistaken it for one of us and lost their hiding place. God was backing us up again, it was the deer that ran past me.

The British tried, but were not in time to erect their usual barrier of pointed logs. We attacked the enemy camp with the fury of our cavalry. Even the British themselves helped us: the orders they sent each other contradicted each other and the soldiers were confused.

They lost 200 men, we only lost three.

I knew that it was what God had asked of me, but one thing, I still remember, tainted the victory.

In the fight I hit a young man of the enemy army with such violence that he fell to the ground. When I saw him, I got off my horse and held his head in my lap, listening to his sins, until he died.

All around, the earth stained the horses' legs and I can still smell the blood and mud. I was crying, moving his hair out of his face. I screamed with all my breath, begging God not to abandon me. After the victory, my soldiers started raiding again. I was furious. No moral or divine rule allowed for that."

The maid speaking of a higher virtue.

What inspired us, the very first Insplorers, to delve into Joan of Arc's life and death and create a tour dedicated to her story is the charming fact that she was way more than a pure lady. She was a pure Human Being, like the ancient paladins of our favorite novels. Fierce against Injustice, but compassionate towards people.

And yet, she was not a fiction character. She was quite real, her flesh burned for real. You may not believe in her visions, but you can hardly stay insensitive to her ideals. We enjoyed so much putting ourselves into her shoes, and following her steps through the most intriguing spots of France in this knightly journey.

From Domremy, where she was born, to Rouen where she so sadly died, traveling through Paris, Reims and of course Orléans. These are only some of the ten stops of the Insploration we dedicated to her mith. Join it and become the impossible with her.

By Laura, author of the tour "Joan of Arc. Become the impossible".

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