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Leaders' Hall

Their words moved nations, changed the lives of many people, remaining forever in history.

With a strong and charismatic personality, these Great Insplorers are able to inspire simply with words, touching the right chords in the heart of those who listen to them, without being frightened by the criticisms and threats of those who consider them uncomfortable characters. Joan of Arc, believed by all to be a liar and condemned as a heretic, had the strength to fight and never gave in on her positions, even when her destiny was already marked. Malcolm X and his exuberance, his strong belief in something and carrying it on without looking anyone in the face.

Margaret Tatcher, who became famous as The Iron Woman, determined and firm on her decisions in a world mainly dedicated to men. Nelson Mandela and his fight against apartheid, not giving up even when he was put in jail, demonstrating enviable fortitude and leadership for all people.

Gandhi and his famous policy of non-violence, in an India still exploited by colonialism that shouted for independence in all respects. But let their words tell you about the life they lived and the places where their feet walked. Discover our Leaders Hall and let yourself be guided by your desire for knowledge.

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