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Louis XIV, The resplendissante finesse

A King who was defined from birth as a "gift from God", a mysterious brother hidden in the shadows and that life so comfortable that it was hard to imagine it. If I told you this is an extraordinary story, you probably wouldn't believe me. Of that sickly child who passed from one disease to another with disarming simplicity. But that, despite the pain, he managed to lead a nation and never give up, continuing to enjoy life to the best of his ability, savoring its sweet juice as from a ripe apple.

It all began at the Royal Castle of Sant-Germain-En-Laye, a midwife rushes into the royal chambers of Queen Anne, after years of longing for an heir to the throne. The pain grows, the sweat descends profusely while everyone is waiting for a miracle from God.

You can hear King Louis XIII breathing heavily, looking at his wife and hoping with all his heart to see a son. Time passes, inexorable, when the court comes alive after a little cry. The 64th King of France squirms, still not aware of what awaits him in the future. Come with me, in this life that began here, among the sumptuous fabrics of a castle. And you will be able to know, through his words, what it was like to feel, from an early age, a god.

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