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Malcolm X beliefs

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Malcolm X was a poor child from Michigan, from a modest family martyred by the Ku Klux Klan, a young delinquent imprisoned for several years and then an icon of black liberation. He had several names, several lives, and his raging speeches continue to provoke lively debate.

"I was thrown into Charlestown State Prison near Boston and earned the nickname Satan from my fellow inmates. When I thought of the sentence I would be furious. I would take my anger out on the prison guards, on God, and on religion in general. I was not a friend to anybody and I did not trust anyone. I was angry with the world and especially hated the injustices it was full of.

I wanted to understand everything, I did not believe in the words of the Bible and I had to find my own truth. I approached Nietzsche, Kant, Herodotus, in an unbridled search for a why. I put aside smoking, drugs and gambling as I became more and more aware of the plight of black people in the United States.

During my time in prison, I received a letter from my brother Reginald explaining the Nation of Islam, the NOI. He asked me to join them to support the fight against the injustices that black people had to suffer. They called themselves a militant Islamic sect.

They also defended the thesis that African slaves were originally Muslims before they were captured and therefore all blacks should convert to Islam. The NOI was also a 'black nationalist' group, advocating the creation of a separate black nation within the United States.

At first it sounded like a lot of nonsense, but time allowed the little seed that NOI had sown in me to grow."

Africa was at the heart of his thinking, Africa as the land of origins, a geographical space but also a cultural and spiritual entity, Africa as the cement of an identity and a pride to be restored.

By Enea, author of the tour "Malcolm X. Respect".

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