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Narrators' Hall

Narrators who, only thanks to the pen, create worlds and transmit strong emotions.

People who have given us memorable places, situations and characters, which we will never stop reading and loving as the first time we found them in front of us.

Hemingway's charisma that shines through in every writing of him, and that transports us on a journey within ourselves. The rebellion of Jack Kerouac that transported us into his Beat Generation. Tolstoy and his direct writing gave us cornerstones of literature that still deal with current issues.

Virginia Woolf and the revenge of women, the feelings of a girl who wanted to find her place in the world. The romance of Jane Austen who gave us characters we still love and will never forget. Mary Shelley, the queen of horror and how one can feel different and excluded from society. Let yourself be carried away by their stories and discover how their life has also been full of twists.

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