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Painters' Hall

Color and emotion, the strength of the images imprinted on a canvas.

Painters are able to convey their life and their vision on a white space, seeing shapes and figures that are unknown to us. The introspectiveness of Van Gogh, the pain of Frida Kahlo and the geometry of Picasso. Each of them is different and yet they have one thing in common: The ability to bring out a piece of their soul through the brushstrokes. And we, through them, are able to know ourselves better and to experience emotions that we kept well hidden deep inside.

It is inspiration in its pure state, color that pours onto the canvas decisively, directly, and which makes the viewer feel contrasting emotions, made of implusion and contemplation. How not to be speechless in front of Frida's "Broken Column", but wouldn't it be even more surprising to find out how that idea was born? Immerse yourself in the painters' stories and discover them all starting at Painters' Hall.

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