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Patagonia, Your trip to the end of the world

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The Land of Fire, the scene of numerous events and characters who have crossed its clear skies.

Try to imagine Butch Cassidy, who, escaped from the law, takes refuge in these places, trying to escape his fate. He finds himself in these boundless plains, where there seems to be nothing but himself, his appears the Sundance Kid. The rest is completely overrun by nature, and he doesn't know what to do. They are far from what is called the "end of the world" but they feel a little bit there. They arrive in Cholila, a small village made only of huts, completely different from the metropolises they have come to know. So they feel disoriented from this new life, the one they are now forced to rebuild from scratch. They sit in a hut for the night and, while outside they see stars like they have never seen in their life, they ponder their next move. You can hear them chattering in the dark, as nature outside prepares for the nightlife. Let his words guide you on this journey, which has just begun. Many have crossed the landscapes of Patagonia and now you are ready to discover them all. But start from here, from Butch Cassidy and his partner, they are ready to tell you about those places with their eyes.

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