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Portugal, From the horizon, waves break on the soul

The earth trembles, pieces of rubble fall and the dust looks like heavy rain falling from the sky. All around, the thunderous sound of the earth is heard and everything is destroyed. In 1775 a violent earthquake struck Lisbon, and Portugal, wiping out half of the ornate historic buildings. As a thriving and prestigious commercial center, he found himself on his knees, facing an unprecedented tragedy. But, he did not give up and forcefully took back his magnificence.

A man wanted to intervene, after having seen the buildings on the river bank collapse before his eyes, including one designed by him: the sumptuous Palazzo Ribeira, wanted by the previous king, King Manuel I. Years of work wiped out, not it had to happen more. He decided to throw himself headlong into a new project, and this time it had to be disaster-proof and become a new trading point for fostering trade. We can see him there, caught among the thousands of papers and sketches,

throwing piles of scribbled paper on the ground. When, finally, enlightenment arrives. He gets help from one of the best architects and, together, they create what will become one of the symbols of the city. Let us take you into the history of the creator of the Palazzo del Commercio, and relive the rebirth of a city through his words.

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