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Salvador Dalì - The journey is starting

When it is said that Dali gave body and soul to his surrealist painting, it can be said that his story was just as surreal.

What if I told you it wasn't the first Salvador Dali? But that this presence hovered in his house, a ghost from the past that didn't want to leave. There, in that Catalonian town called Figueres, in the Church of Sant Pere, two children were baptized, two brothers, both Salvador Dalì, but at different times. Except that one of these was gone, leaving a void in the lives of Dali's parents.

It was a replacement, a vain attempt to fill the emptiness one feels after the loss of a small child. His house was covered not with pictures of him, but of that child he hadn't even known, but which had been sewn onto him like a second skin, like a second soul.

From an early age he showed a soul inclined to art, but also to anger, cruelty, due to that feeling the reincarnation of his brother and never really himself, with his own identity and desires that came from his soul. Surreal, right? Let him tell you about it, he will speak to you and you will have the feeling of having him next to you as he takes you to that place where two Salvador Dali were introduced to God.

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