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The capital city of Piedmont: Turin.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Alessandro Baricco was born in Turin and has lived most of his life here. How not to fall in love with this city through the words of Alessandro Baricco. The power of passion... Let yourself be charmed by this eulogy in the heart of Turin.

"Turin, where I was born, is a special place.

The Hill and the Crocetta, the reserve and the gossip, the silence and the noise of life, white magic and black magic, of which the Devil's Gate is a symbol, the dialect that brings us closer to France and the fact that we do not want to be close to France, even though we love many aspects of it... Turin is both everything and the opposite of everything.

It deserves a special place for its architectural and artistic beauty, for its history irreversibly linked to Italian independence and the unity of the peninsula, which you can breathe in its squares, in the streets of the centre, in its churches, of which the Duomo occupies pride of place, not least because it houses the Holy Shroud, the sacred cloth. And what can I say about the Mole Antonelliana, which stands out like a postcard, its profile cutting through the Alps?

I don't consider myself bourgeois, in the sense of the word, but I find that I am very bourgeois every time I go in search of one of our 19th-century cafés, where, amidst satin tapestries and antique mirrors, I drink our chocolate, so thick and fragrant. Gianduia smiles at me from the counter! I walk through the heart of Turin on this foggy and humid day, as only Turin can have: Piazza San Carlo, with the Caval ed Bronz, the monument to Emanuele Filiberto."

Then are you seduced by this charming city of Turin? Would you like to have a coffee in one of the 19th century cafes? Or simply take a walk in the fog of Turin. Hidden by the grey sky, you will see the Mole....

By Luisa, author of the tour "Piedmont. Of blazons and nostalgic mists."

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