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The Capitals

Important cities, rich in history and culture, undisputed destinations for the most desparate travels.

But how were these capitals born? What characters have contributed into making them what they are today, giving them worldwide recognition and prestige, with their monuments but, above all, their history. The cold St. Petersburg, land of Tsars and snow, which stands out marvelously together with its culture and its history. New York, the metropolis par excellence, which hides small architectural and cultural pearls among its skyscrapers.

Jerusalem and its millennial history, of great importance especially for religion, but also from an artistic point of view. Istanbul, which over the years has changed the name and seat of one of the most important Roman emperors but not only, also home to spectacular works of art.

Paris, defined by many as the capital of love, even if it hides much more. Each corner is a painting and exudes art from every brick. Walk along the streets of these capitals, accompanied by the stories of those who helped make them what they are today. Go to The Capitals.

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