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The inspiration of art - Speech by Tedx

What is creative inspiration in art? In this Tedx speech given by Victor Shamas, an American author and psychologist, he speaks about the art of creative inspiration, following some interviews held by him with artists of various kinds.

One sentence caught our attention, namely that creativity is different from productivity. This got us thinking about what creative inspiration is for us. It is actually unrelated to all that commercial and productive concept, but they are moments, spurts of ingenuity, ideas, a unique state of mind. It doesn't matter how long it lasts and, of course, it hardly gets to command. It can happen at a time when we are particularly predisposed, and the mind is clear. A spark, something that clicks in the mind. And what comes out is the creation of that moment, of those moments of creativity. Many in fact, as Shamas also says, would like to completely change all the works done in the past, because an idea can evolve, and, why not, it may not like it anymore. Or, simply, we would have done it differently. Art is made up of moments. You can try to give it a method, but in the end the inspiration does what it wants. Let's think back to some writers we know, since Shamas is really an author, and imagine that that book written in his youth is the fruit of the inspiration of that moment, and that now it probably would have been written in a different way or, even, it would have been discarded for some reason. This is how art works, it feeds on dreams and ephemeral moments, and we should welcome it with open arms, without thinking too much about productivity. But, letting the inspiration feast on our ideas and thus feed on creativity, letting our work come out.

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