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The Inspiration of Hayao Miyazaki - Stories of Inspiration

The films of Studio Ghibli, especially those involving Hayao Miyazaki in the first person, are small cinematrographic works of art that are a source of inspiration for those who watch them but, first of all, they are the result of the inspiration of the director himself. In this video, the words of the director are reported and it is explained precisely how a story of Studio Ghibli is born.

According to the director, events that are too linear, too devoted to logic, kill creativity. We need to think about the plots, try to unravel their most hidden secrets. And his stories are full of meaning. One of all, and his main source of inspiration, that of a utopian world, where war is seen in all its cruelest sides. He, who lived through the years of the Second World War when he was a child, and now dreams of a world free from wars, and this is precisely his main source of inspiration. This is also the new generations. He places a lot of trust in young people, who in his opinion can considerably change the course of history. If you think about it, in many of your films the protagonists are children who have to clash with adults, whose soul is now contaminated by the desire for power. His films are the fruit of inspiration and these elements, and they have given us masterpieces, not only from the point of view of the stories, but also of the animation technique. His brushstroke is unmistakable, and his soul is poured out in every color, in every expression of a character. And we can not help but be ecstatic, and relive those stories a thousand times, without ever getting tired of seeing that child trapped in the world of spirits, or those kids who find a mythological city in the sky.

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