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The Power of the Music

How many of our best moments are related to a song?

There are only 7 notes, yet how many possible combinations, how many new melodies still to be discovered. Whether it's rock, pop or classical music, music is able to give emotion.

We hear it on the street, with the artists who let themselves go among the people, and even it resonates in supermarkets and shopping centers and, even if in the background, we perceive it and if there is a song that we particularly like we begin to humming, heedless of the looks of others.

Because music is art, it is magic for the ears and balm for the soul.

"There, where the power of words stops, the music begins".

Richard Wagner stated this, and what phrase was no longer true about music. The power of notes, capable of expressing unique emotions and sensations that are difficult to describe in words. It must be this drive of wanting to communicate in a powerful way with which the great composers were able to leave us something in this world. From the baroque Antonio Vivaldi to the more impetuous Richard Wagner, the music of our composers has been able to remain alive today, so much so that it resounds in a corner of our mind and continues to give us something every time we hear the melody. Discover our collection of composers and be inspired by their places and their lives.

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