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Virginia Woolf: finding the right word

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

She danced on burning bricks, founded her own publishing house and campaigned for women's rights: Virginia Woolf, born in London January 25, 1882 at 22 Hide Park Gate, is an English writer who revolutionized literature. Listen carefully and you will hear her voice.

"Between 1931 and 1938 I wrote The Waves, followed by The Years and The Three Guineas.

In the latter, I set out to analyze the male figure in the society of my time.

It was an anti-war pamphlet, denouncing the combination of conflict and totalitarian regimes: both were the offspring of a patriarchal system, which polluted both the public and private spheres.

The Three Guineas possessed a narrative made up of letters, from which I took cues to answer political, ethical and cultural questions; I concluded that women were always the most targeted, but at the same time could be the solution. Not even I, born into a wealthy family, daughter of cultured and open-minded men, had no decision-making power and was not even considered as a being capable of making a contribution to society, apart from procreating...

Women, I thought, had the power to end every war, every conflict, precisely because of their nature. Moreover, for centuries, women's access to the elite university system had been hindered on many fronts and, at times, the degrees women earned were not even considered; they were waste paper. The Three Guineas would later be considered one of the texts at the origin of sexual difference thinking, as well as one of the most significant contributions of pacifist feminism.."

Virginia Woolf navigates between genres, she invents new ones, constantly writing novels, essays, reviews, lectures, stories and so many letters. She is an acrobat of literature, she flies. She walks on a thread between imagination and reality, between love and hate, reason and madness...

By Matteo, author of the tour "The sea of spirit".

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